Shoot Boxe is a combat sport of Italian origin.

Born in the 1980s through the innovative fusion of Kickboxing and Jujitsu techniques, Shoot Boxe is regulated in Italy by FIKBMS, the Italian federation of Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Shoot Boxe recognized by CONI, through a national technical commission chaired by maestro Patrizio Rizzoli, who also holds the role of director and national technical commissioner. The discipline is widespread in almost all regions of Italy.

In Kickjitsu the kick and punch techniques typical of kickboxing are combined with the levers and projections of jujitsu but also of other related disciplines such as pancrazio and hapkido. The regulation provides for the victory to be awarded by sum of points or if the opponent is forced to surrender with a lever or a strangulation. The full-contact version (i.e. where KO is expected) of kickjitsu is called shoot boxing

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